A way to keep track of most of the things I read. Mostly better, long(er) form content. I read a lot of shitty tweets and other content that aren’t included here.

I try to tag the readings when I have time (they’re sort of messy and have a lot of overlap), but you can sort of use them to search/filter. I tag things with wow if I think it’s really interesting and worth reading.

llama.ttf on Jun 25
How React 19 (Almost) Made the Internet Slower on Jun 18 #dev
A Revolution in Biology - by Kasra - Bits of Wonder on Jun 10
What Snowflake isn't saying about its customer data breaches | TechCrunch on Jun 8
Apple Intelligence on Jun 7
The end of on Jun 3 #career #tech
I tried it: A $200 luxury bus to the Hamptons that serves wine while you sit in traffic - Gothamist on Jun 2
The End of Software on Jun 1
The Migrant Children Selling Candy in New York Subways on May 30
Inside the Life of Nicole Shanahan, RFK Jr.’s Running Mate - The New York Times on May 22 #society
Vanguard 'nickel-and-dimes Grandma' after 49 years without junk fees on May 20 #econ
Hackers Found a Way to Open Any of 3 Million Hotel Keycard Locks in Seconds | WIRED on May 16 #dev
The enigma of the Lascaux Bird Man: The erection that embodies the mysteries of prehistoric art | Opinion | EL PAÍS English on May 15 #society
i tried to sell dingboard to X. they gave me a job instead on May 13 #inspo #tech
How To Do Business Casual Without Looking Like a Schmuck – Put This On on May 13 #inspo #fashion
Here's How Dirty The NYC Subway Air Really Is - Secret NYC on May 12 #society
How Bad Are Ultraprocessed Foods, Really? - The New York Times on May 11 #science #environment
The Plastic Chemicals Hiding in Your Food - Consumer Reports on May 10 #science #environment
Why the U.S. and China Suddenly Care About a Port in Southern Chile on May 10 #society #environment
Android Developers Blog: More frequent, focused updates for Android Studio on May 8 #dev #android
Hedge funds make billions as India’s options market goes ballistic on May 6 #econ
wow The B Lane Swimmer – Holly Witteman on May 5 #sports #life
The polish paradox || Matthew Ström, designer-leader on May 5
Inside TSMC’s Phoenix, Arizona expansion struggles - Rest of World on May 2 #funny #china
Stocketa — on May 2 #dev #inspo #design
How Discord Stores Trillions of Messages on May 2
The Basics - by Thorsten Ball - Register Spill on May 2 #dev #inspo
wow work with people who give a shit | prakhesar's blog on Apr 20 #inspo #career #life
Why the Culture Wins: An Appreciation of Iain M. Banks - Sci Phi Journal on Apr 19 #society
View Nova Explosion, ‘New’ Star in Northern Crown – Watch the Skies on Apr 18 #science
MKBHDs For Everything – Stratechery by Ben Thompson on Apr 17 #tech
AI Stock Frenzy Spurs $50 Billion ETF Boom in Taiwan - Bloomberg on Apr 17 #econ
The Tragedy of Indian Point | City Journal on Apr 16 #society
Legal betting changed sports. Now it’s changing the players. - Sherwood News on Apr 16 #sports
The cocktail revolution - Works in Progress on Apr 16 #food #society
wow Progress, Rediscovered on Apr 16 #inspo
How to Run a CIA Base in Afghanistan - by Santi Ruiz on Apr 15 #society
Tales From the Eclipse — Wait But Why on Apr 10 #life #science
Gemini and Google’s Culture – Stratechery by Ben Thompson on Apr 10 #tech
Here is something I used to believe by Virtual Riot on Apr 9 #inspo
EMP Weapons and the New Equation of War on Apr 6 #society #science
All Quiet in the Eastern Port on Apr 6
AWS acquires Talen’s nuclear data center campus in Pennsylvania - DCD on Apr 3 #tech #society
A submerged Japanese library by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP as a ‘tranquil place’ for reading and rest | News | Archinect on Apr 3 #art #design
Visa, Mastercard Reach $30 Billion Swipe-Fee Deal With Merchants - Bloomberg on Apr 3 #econ
A Review of Robinhood’s 3 Percent Cash-Back Card - The New York Times on Apr 3 #econ
How I built my course platform on Mar 22 #dev
KUOW - A cougar attacked them. They fought back for 45 harrowing minutes on Mar 17
National Guard and State Police Will Patrol the Subways and Check Bags on Mar 7 #society
Sell Your Startup for Half a Billion and Get Nothing on Mar 5 #tech #econ
How Google takes the pain out of code reviews, with 97% dev satisfaction on Mar 1 #tech #dev
Meta's new LLM-based test generator is a sneak peek to the future of development on Mar 1 #tech
Vanguard Announces CEO Retirement and Appointment of President – Company Announcement - on Mar 1 #econ
Billionaire Marc Benioff is buying up land in Hawaii. And no one knows why : NPR on Feb 29 #society #tech
Why Keith Rabois just left Founders Fund for Khosla Ventures | TechCrunch on Feb 20 #tech
Cornell Discontinues Median Grade Visibility on Transcripts 15 Years After Inception - The Cornell Daily Sun on Feb 20
Creative Spark: The Making of Robinhood's Gold Campaign - Robinhood Newsroom on Feb 20
Capital One-Discover deal faces Washington buzzsaw | Semafor on Feb 20 #tech #econ
These Teenagers Know More About Investing Than You Do on Feb 20 #econ
So Long, and Thanks for All the Bytes | by Chet Haase | Feb, 2024 | Medium on Feb 20 #android
Capital One Is Buying Discover Financial on Feb 20 #econ
wow What I Wish Someone Had Told Me - Sam Altman on Feb 17 #inspo #life
How does DuckDuckGo make money? | DuckDuckGo Help Pages on Feb 12 #tech
A Chinatown Noodle Dynasty Returns in Style - The New York Times on Feb 11 #food #writing
Family of NYC Chef Shorty Tang Opening Two New Restaurants on Feb 11 #food
Chef Shorty Tang Helped Introduce the U.S. to Sesame Noodles. His Son Is Bringing Them Back. on Feb 11 #food
Doing More with Moore: Biotech’s Tech Moment | Andreessen Horowitz on Feb 11
How Art Can Be Good on Feb 11 #art #writing
A genetically modified purple tomato can now be raised by home gardeners : Shots - Health News : NPR on Feb 8 #science #food
The history of tomatoes: How a tropical became a global crop | Illinois Extension | UIUC on Feb 8 #food #society
Vesuvius Challenge 2023 Grand Prize awarded: we can read the scrolls! | Vesuvius Challenge on Feb 8 #science #society #tech
‘Meme-lord’ Litquidity reveals his true identity on Feb 7 #econ #funny
Introducing Juno for Apple Vision Pro on Feb 4 #dev
These 20-something entrepreneurs needed less than a year to sell their company to Ramp | Fortune on Feb 4 #tech
Mount External Drive in TrueNAS on Jan 30 #dev
Language shapes the way we think - Steve P Brady on Jan 29 #writing
How I'm funded - Daniel Roe on Jan 29 #dev #career
Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust on Jan 29 #dev
How we grew Mintlify by doing things that don't scale - Mintlify on Jan 26 #tech
Where have I been? on Jan 18
Git Notes: git's coolest, most unloved­ feature - Tyler Cipriani on Jan 13 #dev
It’s a Jane Street world on Jan 11 #econ
How to Fix America’s Immigration Crisis on Jan 10 #society
IKEA Hack - Kivik Sofa (New Legs) on Jan 6
Opening Mail / on Jan 6
How Beeper Mini Works - Beeper Blog on Jan 5 #tech
RedTeam Pentesting - Blog - Bitwarden Heist - How to Break Into Password Vaults Without Using Passwords on Jan 5 #tech
Building a Highly Performant Weather App on Jan 4 #dev #inspo
The Hole: New York's Post-Apocalyptic Backyard - Untapped New York on Jan 3 #society #environment
Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” video has a shocking revelation: how she holds a pen. on Jan 2 #funny
Prompt Engineering Best Practices on Jan 1
HEPA Filter 101: Standards and Benefits on Jan 1
Choose optimism — Steph Ango on Jan 1